Saturday, 29 September 2012

Learn from the people who criticize you

Friends, we all know the truth, through behind the entire process which took place till now. We will come out of the situation faster, we also know that the process and procedures carried out by the Kadukur Police is entirely illegal by the system of law. Only with FRI filed no Police has right to do any such actions.

We are having our fingers crossed for the decision to come from the High Courts very soon, and yes not to forget, Mumbai High Court clearly stated to the Andhra Police in the Red Eyes of anger, Your FRI seems to be a fake or forged as you people have not followed a single system settled by the Law.

But here I will only say, we will learn from the criticizes. It's their Turn next as they are still to give their replies dully filed by the authorities of Andhra to the High Court of Mumbai.

Do check this blog for the Next Update on the 2nd Oct.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mallappa Raju ki Mahenat Rang laayee

We thank Mallappa Raju for bringing these files which proves that Our company Nmart doesn't comes in the Money Circulation Act which has been claimed by Shyam Sundar Matham "The Fraud".

I've also come to know from the sources which connected to me in Vijayawada that Shyam Sundar is also not been seen in his own town since many days as in one comment made by us on his Blog "Hum aapke Vijayawada mein aake 200,000 se bhi zyada networker aapko Phoolo ka haar pahenayenge, aur tumhare hi log tum par thookenge".

In reply he said that he fears that Nmartians will come to Vijaywada and he knows that he is going to get defeated in the case filed by him, he said" So we have instructed the Police here to give us more protection as we know people will come to Vijayawada".

Darrpok kahinka.

But guys these Docs. proves that Shyam is a Cheater as his is a journalist, we all know they are born Blackmailers, they find the companies which are growing, they find the ways to take them to court and try to bring them in some losses so that the companies comes in to negotiation with such Bastards and pay them some money.

This is how Shyam's own business runs as an NGO is what they call it. In other news i have found that Shyam is not so much wealthy person and was a Court clerk before some times, he sent his Kids to study abroad, now the question is sending your kid to study in US, UK, EU or in Australia cost not less than 800,000 a Year, from where this man is getting so much of money to pay his Kids Collage fees? Simple.

This man which means Shyam Sundar is blackmailing companies which are trying to keep their foot steps in Andhra and take money from them. He quoted he is an Organization and cannot pay huge salaries to people who work with him, but he don't want to pay and keep the part of money only with him.

His blogs are fake, none updated to the latest, the latest news are "Mumbai High Court" has ordered Shyam Sundar and his alies to file the details of answers in what manner the case was filed against the Nmart people, why they were being picked from Surat without informing them prior as well as to the Police of Surat. When some people are not in to a Companies head board how have you studied the case and filed the complaint on them stating them a Head board members?

Friends, Families of Nmart and associates, keep your TRUST in Nmart, very soon, very soon we will come with the decision favoring us and Shyam will than be punished by us, we all will greet him with bunch of flowers in Tons which he will not even be able to handle them with a shame.

We are at Nmart trying to build the things right back to track and we need all is All your Support.

Jai Nmart

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Next is a Big thing

They came with a huge excitement but they broke down when they found nothing and said, "We have nothing to get from you". Your company is a clean company why the hell our Officer is after you.

Jai Nmart

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Unveiled the truth of Shyam Sundar by Nmartian

Today Nmart associate member Mallappa Raju took one BIG step to go and look at the case filed by Shyam Sundar the great at Hyderabad High court and he filed his report on Shyam Sundar's blog.

This is something what he really wants to say about what he has gone through the entire case:

Dear Shyam, you are telling as CMD arrested, no bail etc etc etc.......
I asked you so many times for Writ Petition Number & Advocate Names & Date of Writ Petition. But it is sad that, till today you have not disclosed. Is it correct for you?

Now I am telling to every NMart Associates that, I have visited personally to Ongole on 01/09/2012 & enquired with one respective police officer. He has given me Case Number & He told that "there is no serious issue, CMD is a VIP person. So he can take bail at any place in India. No need to attend here".
And also we enquired in Supdt office in Court. They also told the same.
And also I have enquired with one Advocate in court premises. All answers are same.

Again we went to High Court of AP to enquire what is actually going.
Mr Shyam told in his blog that Justice KC Bhanu sir given judgment to postpone for 3 weeks. All this news is doop.
I have evidence. I sware, I promise. What ever I said in this blog is true with best of my knowledge & thorough enquiry by my self.
Because, as per Shyam blog
1) He told as Justice KC Bhanu sir given judgment. But true is Hon Justice Sri KC Bhanu sir is belongs to Central Govt issues & in Court No.29.NMart is private firm.
2) And also we enquired in Court No.10 which cases are running for private companies. There is also no data.
3) We have enquired as per Shyam blog. But there is no any issue regarding NMart as per his dates 31/08/2012, 01/09/2012 & 07/09/2012.
I dont want to argue with Shyam. I have evidence. Definitely I will bring original papers for this issue & file a case against him. Because I feel very bad that, he is a false player & commented wrongly on Hon Justice name. He dont know that how many families are suffering with his black mailing. I will bring this issue to the same court. I believe our honourable court will punish him definitely. What ever I am writing in this blog is 100% correct on the promise of BHAGAVATGEETHA.
Otherwise I am filing cheating case on you within few days strictly.
Tuesday, September 11, 2012 2:09:00 PM

This is everything that Shyam Sundar is a person who is personally taking the issues to fill his own deep pockets from the companies hard earned money.
Thank You Mallappa Raju for finding the truth behind this Crook.

Corporate Fraud Watch a Cheat

This Man, name Shyam Sundar Mathan, Said person of Corporate Fraud Watch is a Crook and a Cheater, claiming himself as a Lawyer and a Journalist, his profession is to drag the companies entering Andhra Pradesh to the Court and file lawsuits on them to get the money out from the company.

This man has so far taken many companies to the court but not a single company has been banned from the state of Andhra and this man has forcefully taken Crores of rupees from those companies to get his leg out of their water.In recent days he has applied case on Nmart a company who runs their retail outlets throughout India and having their presence at more than 23 outlets only in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

This guy's whole pie is to get the company and the main players to the court and police stations so that they can ask Shyam how much he wants from them. But that will not happen as the entire Andhra knows this man as he has forcefully created lots and lots of unemployment in his own state and district which lead many people who were employed were force to commit suicide by him. In actual this man works only for his own intention and nothing else, he has no hard feelings for the people who are working and are employed who earn few thousands to run their house.

This Man Shyam is un trust worthy and he is only living to make EASY MONEY from the lower living people and their hard earn money. Shyam and his intention is to shut down all multinational companies and retail chains so that he can later on negotiate with all of them for money and allow them to work in the State Of Andhra.

Beware of this Bloody Crook.